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Best Braces in Baton Rouge

Give your children—or yourself—the gift of a healthy mouth and an attractive smile of straight teeth. At Orthodontist Baton Rouge, we specialize in straightening teeth, fixing bite problems, closing gaps between teeth, and treating jaw disorders through our braces in Baton Rouge and other quality services. We have the experience and expertise to work with patients of all ages, from young children and adolescents to adults.

Our Baton Rouge Braces and Other Quality Services

  • Braces (traditional metal braces as well as porcelain and Clarity™ ADVANCED ceramic brackets)
  • Invisalign® (an alternative to braces that utilizes clear, comfortable plastic aligners that you can remove for eating and brushing)
  • Retainers (for correcting a variety of bite problems and misalignment)
  • Treatment for skeletal and dental malocclusions (including misalignment of the teeth, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and bite problems like crossbite, overbite, and underbite)
  • Treatment for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder
  • Jaw dysfunction correction
  • Treatment for children's tongue thrust and thumb sucking
  • Interceptive orthodontics (early treatment for young children)
  • Orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages (young children, teens, and adults)

Insurance and Payment Info

At Orthodontist Baton Rouge, we want our patients to enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles. That's why we work with dental insurance plans to help pay for our Baton Rouge braces. We also accept payment by credit card. If you would like to check into financing, contact us. Our front office staff can tell you about our in-house and third-party financing options. With in-house financing, you will be able to spread out the cost of braces and make monthly payments.

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